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September 2017

"Der Eiskasten (The Fridge) focusses on a refrigerator, which suddenly appears on the stairs landing of a house, through which and at which the residents act out their quirks and their relationship to each other. The film is a little reminiscent of Iosseliani's Favorites of the Moon, in which objects are just as important as the characters. Psychological explanations is not what this is about, but observable behaviour where everyone can draw their own conclusions on the psychology of the characters." (film-dienst)


  Written, directed, edited by Robert Rutöd Director of Photography Robert Györvari Camera assistent Christa Engstler Associate director Stefan Daubrawa Production design Eveline Haindl Produced by Robert Rutöd, Helga Arnauer Music by ice-9, Béla Bartók, Gaetano Donizetti Cast Maresi Hochreiter, Leo Brandl, Christoph Kollmann, Anna Winkler, Jakob Bachmayer, Herbert Patrman, Franz Winkler, Pepi Taschner, Peter Patrman, Stefan Hermanek, Margarethe Horacek, Selma Haindl – Austria 1990, 17 min, bw, 16 mm, 1:1.33, mono


Three men in a waiting-room ... "A joke with a dramatic lack of punch-line: provocative four minutes about the bizarre Austrian psyche. Or: a rubber boat, a rifle, a duck, a chase after a feather and taking off into the blindingly bright beyond – that is: the other side of the door." (Stefan Grissemann about Catch A Cold)



Written, directed, edited by Robert Rutöd Director of Photography Robert Györvari Associate director Stefan Daubrawa Collaboration Helga Arnauer, Eveline Haindl Music by Krzysztof Meyer, Gregorio Allegri, Alex Tschallener, Gregor F. Narholz Cast Peter Patrman, Karl Rohrauer, Werner Glogowatz – Austria 1993, 4 min, bw, 35 mm, 1:1.85, stereo

Bonus: Video with photographs and texts from the book
grayscales. early b&w photographs 1978-1988

Texts by Robert Rutöd Reading by Paul Gruber – Austria 2017, 17 min
German version without subtitles + German version with English subtitles


I am very happy to be here – John Paul II in Vienna 1983
Excerpt from the bonus track grayscales. early b&w photographs 1978-1988

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