Feb 22, 2010
Tracing Lines Project

Robert Rutöd participates in Tracing Lines Project", an artistic exploration of infrastructure, and the lines that power our lives.

Imagine power lines; this form is recognizable – you’ve seen them – you can picture them. Now imagine someone located in another country, on another continent seeing the same familiar forms. Is it possible that we share similar associations with these forms? These associations can be as general as lines, power, or communications; as specific as energy, or mobility; or even as explicit as global desire, progress, or consumption.

From the series grayscales. early b&w photographs 1978-1988

The Tracing Lines Project follows power lines within landscapes and as they impact human interactions, exploring these and other related associations within the context of contemporary culture. The Tracing Lines Project is an exploration of infrastructure to gauge its symbolism, context, and implications in our society, both local and global. The Tracing Lines Project consists of two parts; one portion includes education about this and related topics, discussion, and sharing of ideas. The other portion is a visual exploration of ideas through exhibitions of artwork and hands-on educational workshops. The project seeks public participation through workshops, dialogue, and artmaking.