Dub Vexxxation Arkestra:
Recreation Of The Dub


June 24, 2011
Dub Vexxxation Arkestra

Robert Rutöd contributes video clips to be screened during Dub Vexxxation Arkestra's performance at Novomatic Forum Vienna, July 1, 2011.

The Band: The DVA is the current project devised by a collective of musicians who have been covering a vast variety of musical realms ranging from free jazz to cover versions to country to metal machine music. Based on original theoretic concepts developed by the band members, they have transcended the traditional ways of staging music, developing them towards a more complex Gesamtkunstwerk concept, mixing music with performing arts.

The Music: In the DVA the traditional drummer is replaced by electronic loops. The band have developed a remarkably unique idiom that transcends traditional categories and limitations, mixing elements from styles as diverse as ambient, dub, jazz, bhangra, etc. and blending them into a highly original new brand of music that may well be an intergalactic soundtrack to explore strange new worlds and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Dub Vexxxation Arkestra live at Novomatic Forum, Vienna, July 1, 2011
With: Karin Waniek, Harald Nograsek, Gerhard Cilek, Hannes Schild. Special Guest: Klaus Tatto
Videos: Robert Rutöd, Axel Stummer, Eugen Klim